Frequently Asked Questions

Does VISITING DOCTORS actually make house calls?

Yes, a licensed, certified and qualified medical doctor actually comes to your home. Likewise designated and collaborating nurse practitioners and physician assistants make the house calls too.

Do you have to be disabled or homebound to have VISITING DOCTORS come to you?

No, anyone can utilize and enjoy the benefits of VISITING DOCTORS, but for Medicare and Medicaid patients you must be homebound to get a house call.

Can VISITING DOCTORS be my primary doctor?

Yes, our doctors can serve you as a primary doctor.

My primary office-based medical doctor says that medical doctors do not make house calls. Is that true?

No, Since 1998 insurance companies have made house calls an attractive feature for a physician’s practice and have encouraged house calls.

Do I need a referral for a medical house call from my office based physician?

No, just pick up the phone and make an appointment. Call VISITING DOCTORS toll-free @ 1-800-409-1920.

How much does a medical house call cost?

If you have Medicare, and you pay $0 for your office visit, you will pay $0 for our doctor to come out and see you at your home.

What medical insurance does VISITING DOCTORS accept?

VISITING DOCTORS accepts Medicare, Medicare with supplemental insurance, Medicare with Medicaid, Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Texas, Pacificare, Evercare, Medicare Blue, Advantra Advanced, Humana, Wellcare, Pyramid Life, and Health Plan Of Texas. For all other private insurances, Please check with your insurance company for the coverage.

Does VISITING DOCTORS provide Emergency Medical Care?

No, If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, VISITING DOCTORS encourages all persons to pick up the phone and dial 911 or go to your nearest Emergency Room as soon as possible.

Does VISITING DOCTORS accept Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO) insurances?

No, VISITING DOCTORS does not accept HMOs at this time.

Can VISITING DOCTORS see patients in an assisted and/or non-assisted living home or nursing home?

Absolutely. VISITING DOCTORS specializes in seeing patients in assisted living facilities. In fact, with the consent of the patient and/or a relative or the legal guardian of the patient, VISITING DOCTORS will render a house call in a nursing and/or assisted/non-assisted living home.

Will I be seen by a medical doctor for my doctor visit?

Absolutely. VISITING DOCTORS always utilizes the services of medical doctors as well as physician assistants or nurse practitioners.